The residents of windswept Weymouth & Portland have been left to count the cost of Storm Brian this weekend. Locals are picking-up the pieces after devastation wreaked havoc all over the Dorset region.

One pensioner, Ethel Toast, 68, of Portland, reported her wheelie bin being blowing over just after midday. “I was in shock to see the bin on its side in the garden,” she told Our Reporter. This is the third time it has happened in as many years, yet the council don’t seem at all interested in doing anything about it!” “My neighbour’s rotary washing line was also blown over, but when she phoned the council they said there was nothing they could do. Pathetic. What do we pay council tax for?” she demanded.

Westham teenager, Ben Dover, 19, of Longcroft Road, reported how his baseball cap was blown off during the high winds. “I was walking along, just chillin’, and suddenly a gust of wind blew me cap right off,” the shocked lad said. “And now it’s stuck in that tree. Storm Brian is a right din,” Ben added. Ben has now pleaded for any help in retrieving the black and red Jordan Jumpman snapback cap from the tree. Several reports have also been received of people getting wet whilst walking along the seafront.

It may take weeks for the town to return to normal, Cllr Ryan Hope has warned. He announced plans for the council to open a Charity shop on Abbotsbury road in the hopes of raising the finance to cover the costs of the storm damage.

Sue Wormald

Portland and Chesil Beach: