Weymouth FC back on track with hat trick win !! Weymouth 4 Bideford Town 2

After a mixed start to season the Terras manager told the players to wake up big time! That response took a while to settle in at this bank holiday match with Bideford Town FC. Playing in front of 637 fans it took a while for the home side to settle especially with the match ref being whistle happy. The Terras needed to hold themselves together but once they found the net in the second half through a Ben Joyce hat trick, Weymouth then showed both fans and others what they are really capable of. If they can hopefully keep free of injuries in the upcoming campain (2012 /13), put a fair few results together and battle hard to entertain visitors then the Bob Lucas stadium will be buzzing a lot earlier than in previous seasons.

With Ben Joyce scoring for the home side and young lad Mark Ford being developed we will do very well one day. Come on Terras – build on this result and attract more to the Bob Lucas Stadium!

Gary Penfold