Whilst returning from the previous incident the Coastguard Rescue Vehicle came across an incident close to the Pavillion. A female was laying in the road and was receiving attention from passersby. We stopped and offered our assistance. The poor lady had fallen from her wheelchair when the front wheel fell of the kerb, it was clear she was in a lot of discomfort, not helped by the the sweltering heat radiating off the black tarmac. RNLI Lifeguards Weymouth and West Dorset were called and proceeded with pain relief. In the best interests of the patient it was decided to airlift her from the beach. R106 was tasked and on scene in a few minutes, once packaged, our casualty was carefully carried in a stretcher to the awaiting aircraft and flown direct to A&E in Dorchester where they were met by another of our team members.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of public who gave up their time this afternoon to help a stranger. From an off duty nurse to the holidaying couple who remained with the lady throughout, offering her shelter from the sun to managing bystanders. 

Finally to all the beach goer’s who moved without complaint to allow the helicopter to land, it made ours, RNLI lifeguards and the Beach controls job so much easier. Thank you.

Wyke Coastguard

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