Paedophilia: The International disease that those in power do not appear to want to cure

Conjecture. Conspiracy theory. Myth. The true enemies of reality are those who deny it. Ignorance, guilt, arrogance… you name it – it lurks in every corridor; in every chamber; in every shadow. The human state is a mass of vulnerability, manipulation; molding and abuse. From the ejaculation in to the uterus we become an entity almost wholly controlled by circumstance. From the white blood cell army repelling the sperm on their way to the fallopian tubes to the ‘normalisation’ of identities via the family; education; our peers; the workplace; the mass media and organised religion we become a systemic entity not individuals as some would argue. Many, if not most, of our decisions and mental constructs are ‘irrational’. However, if rational thought becomes a relatively  subjective concept it could be argued that their is validity but rationalists tend to argue that it is an objective determinant. This argument falls apart in seconds. Where does smoking; fast food; alcoholism; drug addiction; working in dangerous/stressful/boring conditions for low wages; domestic violence; bullying; unprotected sex with a stranger; sharing needles when injecting; sleeping rough in the winter; cheating on your family; joining the armed forces and on and on…. all sit. How could they be objectively rational? And those adherents who use their power to control our thoughts and behaviour? How can they honestly maintain this illusion when everything they do is contrary to this universal objective rationality? 

Take child abuse and pedophilia. Is this objectively rational? If so then it cannot be criminal as it is a human behaviour that everyone would expect to practice. It could be subjectively rational in that certain psychological needs could be met; due to a socially constructed conditioning in which external influences impacted to create these desires. But we know that it is not a common desire and that only some seek to have sex with children and as a consequence create an objectively anti normal experience for those children for whom it invariably has a devastating impact. This includes the desire to become pedophiles themselves later in life.  

If this is not objectively rational then why do the same people who propagate an ideology that states that we should be allowed to behave within an objective rational framework as individuals also practice pedophilia? Surely by an act of irrationality they are defeating their argument that the conditions of ‘objective rationality’ should be enabled? Perhaps this very behaviour is being hidden because it will undermine the very libertarianism that they espouse. Not only will they be seen as criminals and their positions of power seriously undermined but their whole ideology will be exposed as ultimately flawed. If some of those at the top of the hierarchy are pedophiles and this behaviour is being covered up then unlike the mythical trickle down of capitalism this will represent a biblical flood of cultural malignancy. The irony is that pedophiles on our streets have been the prime targets of the mainstream establishment media to distract us. But now we know that it is amongst the distracters too. Suddenly the whole shithouse is catching fire.

But whether there is a litany of establishment figures who are pedophiles and abusers is not the whole point. We know, as was identified above, that it is across the layers of society and is but a symptom. The psychologists can take this up on our behalf but we must be honest. An addict of whatever kind cannot be successfully treated until they accept that they have an addiction and that they want to enter a state of permanent recovery. Across society we will have to challenge many ideologies and dominant ideas together. We will need to be enlightened and be prepared to talk without embarrassment about subjects that have been hidden behind stigma and worse. Once we do this then objective rationality ironically has more of a chance. With this in mind many members of the establishment will have to stand up and say ‘I am a pedophile…’ and seek out those who can help them stop. The message to many in wider society will be ‘now it’s your turn’. Only then do we have a chance.

If you live locally and you or people you know require support then Welcome to Dorset Action on Abuse is but one place that may be able to help. If you live elsewhere then look online and you should be able to find ‘Action on Abuse’ (or something similar) closer by. Of course the psychological and physical impact may make it extremely difficult to make this move. The issues surrounding trust are serving as a barrier that can seem insurmountable. I am not going to advise you. The only thing I will do is to remind you that you are by no means alone. There are victims everywhere. In every country and at every strata. There are also a great many who believe that the abuse experienced by yourself and everyone else is totally unacceptable and must stop. You are not alone and never will be. 

Exposing UK Pedophilia Ring 

Douglas James