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Weymouth takes on UKIP – apologies for not milkshaking!

We didn’t milkshake Carl Benjamin. I’m sorry for letting everyone down. Let me explain. 

After an intense social media and writing campaign on the part of the organisers and me, so 20-30 people from around South Dorset turned up at midday on Friday to counter-protest the odious UKIP campaign that turned up on the seafront of Weymouth. For a workday that was a very good turnout that well exceeded expectations. 

I’d been in the social media trenches for about a week and this was the result of a lot of hard work, done at the expense of earning money. Where there’s an important cause you need to make sacrifices. There were other self-employed there and people on extended lunch breaks. Sometimes there are more important things than money – I heard complaints from a prominent self-employed person they had to earn money but I’m sorry her driving instruction business is struggling in that case. 

Peaceful and cheerful – the first half

Us lefty commies and all round ‘traitors to the Realm’ who ‘needed hanging’ turned up just before midday and by around 1215 there was quite a rabble of us. Around 10 sullen, ugly, angry men sat together in huddles on the benches and 5 grouped around the campaign van – that was the contingent of ‘heroic patriots’ who came to ‘defend the interests of Britain’.

Not just UKIP men – one woman there!

Most of us traitors and commies knew each other. The single member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and his grumpy dog, a good 10 prominent Labour politicians, a few Socialist Worker Party members and quite a few others who just didn’t want fascists polluting Weymouth’s famous beaches all chatted amiably, getting to know one another and having a bit of a laugh.

A sad case where anti-radicalisation intervention may be necessary

I put a film of an angry young man online who told me he believed in the necessity of war among tribes. His drivel was so embarrassing I pinged it online just a few minutes after he spouted it. I fear for him honestly, as I feel he is among the wrong people and could be persuaded to carry out acts of terrorism in future. He looked just the sort. If only our welfare state was better he might be brought in from his cold, lonely place. 

Thanks in part due to this negative experience I was alone in many ways. I was quite psyched out – on my loud speaker I played loud, camp remixes of the Milkshake song as well as the Nazi campaign song Tomorrow Belongs to Me and the European anthem Ode to Joy. I wandered close to the opposition and exchanged dark looks with them, blaring the music in their faces. They weren’t happy at all with all that ‘gay music’ but our rabble of traitors and commies often laughed when they heard one or another of my playlist…

The organisers of our event gave speeches, as did the Labour unitary councillor for Portland and a couple of town councillors. We were a welcoming bunch and would have loved to see Liberal Democrats and Conservative party members join us – their absence is noted here. 

Telegram announces the [email protected]@t

The [email protected]@t (I won’t name it here) announced it was stuck in traffic on the minor social media platform Telegram. Someone of our crowd followed its profile and we got the news that the [email protected]@t would be here an hour late. 

A self-described ‘paramedic’ who looks rather menacing…

When it did arrive with a few friends (including the Totnes ‘paramedic’ who looks like he’s killed a few people) the mood went bloody ugly. Both sides formed a tight circle with a group of 3-4 very short women taking on the twat face to face. I’m glad I call many of those women my friends as they were terrifying to argue with. They tore the [email protected]@t limb from limb over his position on rape, buggering young boys, how the NHS could survive without immigrants, and his attitude to ‘jokes’. 

The ugliness went on for about 15 minutes, and if the fists were to fly they would have then. The barrel bellied thugs left their leader to do much of the talking (I’m not sure if they had the intelligence to speak in many cases). 

I will say this. [email protected]@t was eloquent and sounded very reasonable. He was lying and talked a lot of [email protected] but even so he was eloquent and made some fairly decent arguments on the surface that needed a little digging into to show as foul. Our five foot Amazons dug well, and as I am a bit twitchy when I see barrel bellied men after that experience today the UKIP lot may well feel nervous when they see a five foot tall woman! 

We were invited to be interviewed in the [email protected]@t’s outdoor TV studio and sadly one of our number, an NHS worker with a lot of ethnic minority colleagues, stepped into the fray. He was alone and isolated as the counter demonstration separated and cold shouldered the UKIP lot at this stage. We gathered, listened to a couple of speeches and departed, even as the lonely UKIP [email protected]@t begged us to return to have more ‘reasonable discussions’ with it. A lonely sight – one lonely man I didn’t feel an ounce of pity for unlike many of its followers. 

Challenge fascism

I deleted a thread on Facebook last night as there were a number of people I counted as worth talking to who started to troll us. I didn’t want a fight with those who I hold in generally high regard. 

Their argument went to the effect of us needing to deny the opposition publicity. I was told by my friend yesterday he’s read that Hitler himself said that if he was challenged and his movement eradicated in the 1920s then the scourge of fascism would never have taken hold. We are threatened by fascism once again, and we need to challenge them at every step – ignoring it led to the Holocaust and evil that enveloped Europe. That means facing them down in large numbers and taking them on. As I write this, a prominent Polish / British activist who sees fascism in power in her native country, has praised me for the work we did. If Poland fought the fascists they wouldn’t be in power.

Do I advocate violence? No. I advocate large, peaceful groups of friends like those who gathered in Weymouth to show that love overcomes hate. 

The milkshake?

I was identified by the police as an organiser and was formally told that milkshaking someone may be considered assault. I interpreted that as me and the other organisers being expressly warned and that we could be held accountable. 

Two women brought a milkshake. I wish to Christ that the [email protected]@t was there when they had it as they could have Banzai charged and coated him in the good stuff. Instead the police asked them to either drink it or that it would be confiscated. They handed it over, and later highly praised the police for the way they handled a situation that came within seconds of boiling over. One was later addressed sexually by a troll online for that – such is the UKIP attitude to women. 

My advice to you is to only get a milkshake when the [email protected]@t is there and to walk direct from the fast food store to the event and then to run like hell in the last 10-15 metres, suddenly, to outfox the police and thugs. Go in fast and hard. You will have a better chance of success than should you have it before the [email protected]@t arrives. 


Take this scum on in every street and every town. Do not ‘give a vacuum of silence’ as they will grow in that vacuum. Show what a lying piece of [email protected] this foul entity is. Oppose, oppose, oppose!

See you at the barricades! 

Rich Shrubb