Welcome to Dorset Eye!

Dorset Eye was launched on 1st June 2012 by a small group of people who share a common passion for enabling people to have a voice that can and should be heard. We have no party political allegiance; no religious affiliations and no corporate owners pulling our strings. Just a group who prefer to see people welcomed through open doors and not restrained and constrained by those who would prefer to keep us at arms distance.

We are a media with a difference. Instead of a newspaper or magazine telling you what the news is this online magazine lets you determine what the news is. You send and we publish! What is going on within the communities? If we can benefit by sharing – then let’s submit and do just that.

All that is asked is that we avoid the desire to rant and unless individuals are abusing their position that we do not criticise others personally. National and local media may try to manipulate us for their own ends but that does not mean we have to let them.

Submissions should primarily be from the site. Just click on the icon (see image below) and register. Then log in and off you go. You can choose Articles, Photos, Video (You tube) or Audio. All those who register will then have an account of all their submissions and can revisit them at any time.


If you should have any problems with submissions then you can ‘Contact Us’ at the top of the page.

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By adopting this method we hope that it provides the freedom that many would prefer.

Leisure and Service Directory (Profit and Non profit) is aimed at all those in the community who offer provision whether it be a one person operation or a firm or organisation. The Directory is free but there are upgrades available at a very reasonable cost. We are not aiming to exploit anyone but Dorset Eye does need to earn enough to be sustainable. Again simply click on the icon, register and add the content required.


All published content will be found under their respective page headings. Just visit the topic that interests you and if you are unable to find what you like then the remedy is to submit or ask others to. The gaps are there to be filled and only we can do that.

The site is licensed under Creative Commons and thus all content has no specific ownership. If you want to add you own copyright then the responsibility is with those who submit prior to submission. All responsibility for content is with those who submit so please make sure that you do not leave yourself open to a petition for liable.

Sharing Dorset Eye content is in the best interests of us all. The more people who read, submit, comment… the more others will notice what we have to say or what we have to offer. The best way is to recommend by word of mouth. So tell your family and friends. If we have had something published there will be many who will want to see it. Don’t deny them that pleasure.

If you would like to put up some POSTERS locally please do.


Dorset Eye poster

Dorset Eye Logo

Dorset Eye logo

We are on Facebook and Twitter (@dorset_eye) so please follow, chat, and comment. Send anything that will put us at the heart of Dorset (and beyond).

Although the site is aimed primarily at Dorset we do not want to prevent others contributing. We are not exclusive but Dorset is where our hearts are so this will be reflected in the majority of publications.

All that has to be said now is enjoy Dorset Eye. Whoever we are – there are no barriers and nor should there be. Communities should be welcoming and not laden with fear.

Kind Regards

The Editors