Whatever is going on in Wavertree, it is not antisemitism

This is Deane Road Cemetery. It is about ten minutes walk from the Labour CLP offices. Deane Road Cemetery was restored and brought back into use. It is a Jewish Cemetery with a number of significant people in it. Including H Samuel (Jeweller) and Charles Mozley, first Jewish Mayor of Liverpool. Why is this important? Because a lot of the people involved in restoring the Cemetery are local Party Members. Claire Baldock (Councillor at Liverpool 2010-2014 now at Stockport) did a lot of the ground work and facilitated a lot of the involvement of Luciana Berger.

Whatever is going on in Wavertree, it is not antisemitism. The area around the Party Offices is probably more multicultural than people would expect. Opposite the offices is a Supermarket (cooperative) run by Turks, Kurds and Indians, a Turkish Restaurant, and down the road “little Poland” – up the road “little Romania” and, of course, it is also one of the refugee dispersal areas for the Home Office. The truth is that Wavertree is more like a mythical central European country in the 1930s. And that does mean people get attacked by racists. All sorts of racists – particularly from proscribed groups like National Action. Yet, Liverpool in general and Wavertree in particular have an astoundingly good record of defending people from the Right.

Which all sounds like a lot of cheerleadery nonsense. It is not. Luciana Berger was parachuted into the constituency and she was given the benefit of the doubt. For a number of years she was a competent MP when pointed in the right direction. Somehow she has lost the compass of where her constituency is really at. It is not at some state of racism or antisemitism. Indeed, if anything, it is united against attacks by racists and antisemites because it is a matter of survival for the people.





“It is unacceptable for either MPs or whole constituency parties to be subject to trial by social media, as happens too often in the current climate.” (Ian Lavery)

Hubert Huzzah (Wavertree constituent)

Condemned by association:

Douglas James