Where To Enjoy A Great Cup Of Coffee In Dorset

The summer season may be upon us but don’t think this automatically means Brits will be sipping on smoothies or hydrating themselves with fresh fruit juice. These beverages have a role to play in a healthy diet, of course, but so does coffee… and it doesn’t look like anybody’s ready to give up their cup of ‘black gold’, which many depend upon to help them wake up and brave the new day. According to the British Coffee Association, the UK’s coffee consumption has spiked to 95 million cups a day in 2018, up from 70 million in 2008. Dorsetarians are clearly doing their share to up the daily consumption, and the result is a bevy of coffee shops offering great coffee as well as sweet and savoury treats. If you are visiting the area, head to one of these iconic hangouts and discover how fragrant a freshly brewed cuppa can be.

Finca in Dorchester

It’s all about authenticity at this magical place. Beans are roasted in-house in a small batch roaster then freshly brewed, making for a cosy hideaway that is as fragrant as it is inviting. The establishment stresses the importance of homemade coffee and also sells green beans from Honduras which are organic and RFA-certified. The beans are ‘ready to roast in a wok’. When they are ready, grind them and find the perfect balance between coffee and water by using a simple online ratio calculator. In addition to coffee, Finca also serves amazing homemade goods such as barcon sourdough rolls with maple syrup, cakes, and food bars. They also have special events (for instance, pinchos night), in which you can enjoy a delicious snack for less than £2.

Amid Giants & Idols in Lyme Regis

Leather chairs, a wooden floor and backgammon sets on tables make this coffee house a super relaxing space in which to enjoy a little reading, meet with friends or simply have a quick coffee before heading out into ‘the real world’. The establishment was founded by Steve and Elaine, a couple who loved coffee and who were keen to share their knowledge and appreciation of specialist coffee. Zero kilometre magic is the name of the game here; beans are obtained from top local roasteries, including Exeter’s Crankhouse & Somerset’s Brazier Coffee. You can also enjoy a variety of loose leaf teas, also sourced from a Dorset-based independent merchant. Amid Giants & Idols aims to introduce customers to different beans by hosting meet-the-roaster evenings. Ask Steve and Elaine when the next event is on.

Coffee Club, Bournemouth

This family-run business is committed to using fine, fresh ingredients in everything from its renowned Mediterranean cuisine, to its exquisite range of coffees. The interiors are chic, featuring Salvador Dali-inspired and luxurious lighting features. This is the type of venue where you can count on staff who know how to make an authentic flat white – with just the right amount of foam. There are fun takes on classics as well, including the mellochino (which contains floating marshmallows), as well as speciality teas like Lapsang Souchong, antioxidant-rich green tea, and forest fruits.

We have mentioned just a select group of establishments though there are so many more that are positively reviewed. Dorset has managed to find the perfect balance between design, variety, and quality, with shops that give as much importance to cakes and snacks, as they do to coffee. Thus, coffee can be part of dessert rather than an end in itself, which is a great excuse to take a little more time off and enjoy the finer things in life with a friend or loved one.