It is worth looking closely at the background of Nigel Farage’s attack on the government’s Netzero plans to reduce carbon emissions, basically the phasing out of fossil fuels.  Who is one of the biggest producers of fossil fuels, and has the most to lose, especially as it would severely weaken his strongest economic weapon? Vladimir Putin!

Putin and Farage have history. Nigel Farage has previously referred to Vladimir Putin as “the world leader he most admires”. The Russian government propaganda outlet RT (formerly known as Russia Today) has referred to Farage as their favourite British politician. In 2016 they offered him his own television show on RT! So a very cosy twosome!

So when Putin, dependent on gas and oil, needed to counter the overwhelming evidence  against his great fossil fuel assets, once again the obedient Farage jumped into the climate change debate, supporting fossil fuels.

Putin wants Britain dependent on fossil fuels and potentially open to leverage by  Russia. Strangely, a similar scenario to Brexit, leading Britain to leave the powerful EU block, which Putin saw as a real threat to Russian power.

The financial backing of certain Tory MPs by Russian oligarchs is well known. How many other Tory MPs, including Cabinet Ministers, have had such funding ?  I would hope a Tory MP would not give political support to fossil fuels because such a company or individual employed them as a consultant?…..or am I being foolishly naive?

Pete Milory

And this from Brexit funder Arron Banks

And the Tory party since at least 2010:

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