The scandal over P&O Ferries sacking 800 staff continues – now with the news emerging that it has employed Indian agency workers on just over $2 an hour. But the real story here is that P&O Ferries doing this is actually perfectly legal. 

As Bywire News previously reported, P&O Ferries sacked 800 workers via a Zoom call on Thursday, March 17. The move prompted widespread condemnation, not least from trade unions and UK politicians. It came as P&O Ferries’ parent company, DP World, made more than $10bn in revenue and $1.1bn of profit in 2021 – handing out shareholder dividends of £270m in 2020, too. P&O Ferries itself is in financial dire straits, after years of mismanagement, ongoing losses, black holes in its pension fund – yet while paying an effective 0.2% UK tax rate. 

Since then, the RMT Union has reported that Indian workers are replacing the ones P&O sacked

As recent events have proved many MP’s are merely working for huge corporations and just paying lip service to their constituents.

This is the contempt they have for us:

You know when you sometimes see a drunk person p***ing against a wall? We are the wall.

Douglas James


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