We know that child sex abuse and exploitation of young people has been rife in royalty across time. From Mountbatten to Randy Andy to Henry and his underage wives their history is at best chequered. We also know that the corporate media prefers to stay out of it as best they can for reasons known to themselves and their very powerful and wealthy owners.

We know that people have been silenced in multiple ways for trying to expose the rampant pedophilia within the establishment… :

Paedophilia: The International disease that those in power do not appear to want to cure

We also know that the establishment media is profoundly racist and anyone who is not a ‘deferential do as they are told’ kind of folk then they are open season for persecution.

Add all this together and what do we get?

A woman terrorised for for being liberal and from a mixed ethnicity and a serial sex abuser who apart from the occasional foray is largely left alone.

For those still not there. I cannot make it any clearer.

Penny Lane

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