Why hard right zionists are less disgusting than middle class Brit liberals

I actually, genuinely, seriously find hard-right Zionists less disgusting than middle-class Brit liberals. At least the former are brutally honest in their partisanship. They are happy, proud even, to own their anti-human politics. The latter, however, are truly sickening in their mealy-mouthed, hand-wringing apologia for murder, occupation and subjugation; their whining about violence on both sides; their inability to distinguish between oppressed and oppressor.
If only these privileged scum, these nauseating cowards, could swap the summer farmhouse in Provence for a fucking tent on the Gaza strip. I doubt their patronizing sponsorship of African orphans, whom they use as a cover for the gaping chasm where real humanity should dwell, would give quite the same sanctimonious comforting warmth they’re used to.

Harry Paterson