No-one will have been really surprised at the callous and arrogant behaviour of Johnson, the Liar in Chief in relation to ‘ Party Central’, formerly knowns as 10, Downing Street. The man has no principles and no discernible appreciation of what the word honour means. Surely though, even one with so impenetrable a hide as Johnson must feel some slight twinge of unease. As the relatives of the people who were dying, (as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus, whilst Johnson and his cronies were partying on the garden at No.10, in direct contravention of the law and with no thought for anyone other than themselves and their own pleasure) express their anger, and sadness, at his, and his lickspittles’ disgraceful display of indifference to their sorrow and misfortune .

Johnson dodges and weaves his way through life in the manner, as the odious Cummings put it, ‘of a supermarket trolley with one wheel missing’. Blaming anything but himself for the chaos and misery which his selfish and thoughtless actions create, for the ‘little people’, or the ‘low value people” as Sir Ian Douglas Foodbank would have it, as he blunders along.

Max Hastings, Johnson’s former boss, was quite adamant that ‘Johnson is totally unfit to be the Prime Minister’ way back in 2019, caring, as Hastings said, “for nothing but his own fame and gratification”.

Johnson, like all bullies and especially the ‘upper class’, ‘public school’ bully are cowards at heart, and predictably true to form, he seems have disappeared until the coast clears, has has taken refuge in his fridge again?

The good ship Johnson appears to be sinking, his erstwhile friends and colleagues are getting into the lifeboats, the orchestra is playing ‘Nearer my God to Thee’ and Johnson’s lifejacket appears to have gone missing. His only chance is to ignore the ‘women and children first’ edict and, ignoring any remaining trace of conscience, which he might retain, squirm and worm his way out of yet another tight corner, using his limitless and only skill, of deceit, coupled with his instinct for self preservation.

Someone must take the blame for his actions and it won’t be Johnson, and, unless the Conservative Party decides to ditch him, as they certainly should, Johnson will live to lead the UK ever further into despair.

Richard Ineson

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