Lies, lying, liars, at the beating heart of British politics

Johnson on the way – June 2019 … on Google.

“In sum we have become on large scale national evidence a lawless criminal country. A mafioso. Run by the wealthiest and the most ruthless. Not least Tory ERG mob, party within a party”. 

The Conservative Party has a choice, crash out of the EU doing enormous damage to the country, or tell the people the truth and destroy the riven Tory party.

Their vote is then to put the Tory party first (voting in a Brexit popularist) and destroy the United Kingdom. The Tory party voting for a serial culpable liar.

Max Hastings, editor-in-chief of the Telegraph for ten years, where Johnson worked (BBC radio pm 20th June) : “Is this the time in British politics to be entertained? The British people have got to be told the truth, what is possible and what is not possible. Boris Johnson has an appalling record, he will say absolutely anything in order to please an audience”.

“All his career the consistent strand – he’s an egomaniac. I am not sure he is capable of caring for any other human being but himself. We have ended up putting highest premium on performance, not on the truth. Confidence carries the day when what is being delivered is absolute drivel. They (Johnson and Rees-Mogg) get away with murder”

“We are in a ghastly national mess with the breakdown of trust in politicians and I fear the Johnson premiership, which the Conservative party are going to unleash on us, will far worsen this as the public are going to be so angry and enraged when they discover their new PM is quite incapable of delivering any portion of what he has promised”.

Many might not realise but in 2017/18 both the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioner forwarded Vote Leave and Leave.EU files to the Met Police and the National Crime Agency, citing multiple suspected cases of fraud, deception, breaching electoral law, breaching data protection law. Johnson was at the heart of all this, not least with the £350 million a week to the NHS.

Lies, lying, liars, at the beating heart of British politics.

Senior criminal judge Sir Brian Leveson expressing today his “enormous concern” that many crimes are not being prosecuted. “It is very, very concerning that citizens suffer wrongs and are not obtaining redress through the criminal courts,”

Top of this list here is then Grenfell – the case overwhelming, national manufacturers (Arconic and others) of thermoplastic cladding are 100% responsible for supplying highly toxic flammable cladding to tens of thousands of high rises world wide. But this all gets buried in classic on-going for years “public inquiry” (as Hillsborough 1989, as Aberfan 1966), to tell us after far too many years the staggeringly obvious.

And second on list the enormous Brexit heist 2016. Vote leave and Leave.EU documents, citing large scale syndicated crime (funding from the US Alt Right and other sources), sent to Met Police and NCA, 2017/18, from the Electoral Commission, and the Information Commissioner, with written support from parliament Fake News All-party Committee, and in over a year no word from Metropolitan Police or National Crime Agency what action, if any, is to be taken.

In sum we have become on large scale national evidence a lawless criminal country. A mafioso. Run by the wealthiest and the most ruthless. Not least Tory ERG mob, party within a party.

And now the Tories are set on voting in a habitual liar to lead the country. A man seen by colleagues as an egomaniac. On any clinical analysis Boris Johnson clearly still working through adolescence. Has to be the centre of stage. Not to work for the British people, to be the on stage leader of the pack performing. Gratifying ego. Possibly trace all this back to parental divorce when he was 14. As with Trump, huge ego masking deep deficiencies. Cannot be trusted one statement to the next.

In the words of Chris Patten, Lord Patten of Barnes, former Conservative MP and Minister, Chancellor of Oxford University, Johnson : “One of the greatest exponents of fake journalism.” And he is to lead the country in the midst of the most profound schism in the UK since the 16th century Reformation. And all to be done on blag and bluster, and worst of all, pathological (mentally incoherent) bluff.

Unless matters radically change it’s impossible to see how, following any version of Johnson blag and bluster history (disastrous Foreign Secretary), we will not end up with break-up of the United Kingdom. Scotland with an Independence referendum, Northern Ireland floundering and worse, borders having to be reset with the Irish Republic and, going by Johnson’s repeated threats to the EU, we end with with major trade wars with Europe. I can’t personally see how the outlook for UK could be worse.

The Tories broke all time trust in UK politics in 2016. Firing off the referendum on packs of lies. Along with Farage UKIP promising so much that can never be delivered. And now compounding lies on lies the Tory party voting overwhelmingly for a man who will say anything to become Prime Minister. Lying party now led by their prime liar, aided and abetted by the rest of the ERG pack: Rees-Mogg, Duncan Smith, Raab, Redwood, chum Gove, Francois. In the course of time all to be brought to trial and prosecuted, crimes against the British people. We can start with fraud, false representation, lying, and cheating.

Jeff Williams