“Would you like a FREE copy of the Sun?” This is what happened next

I walked into the Esso garage on Kings Street, Weymouth, on a break at work and at the counter the sales assistant said, “would you like a FREE copy of the Sun?”

I put what I wanted to buy down on the counter and explained to him in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t wipe my arse on it. He then took issue at that so I explained to him about Hillsborough, the ban in Liverpool, the Sun’s racist history, and the consequences we face on a daily basis of counteracting Murdoch”s lies because people on mass buy into it, and gave him a greater in depth political analysis on the subject. That was unexpected. I finished by stating – standing there with my Unite the union hi-vis on – that I’m a regular customer there so when I next walk in he can refrain from asking the same question, because he already knows the answer, and my custom should count for something.

He explained that he couldn’t do that because it was “company policy” to ask each and every customer.

Ok, I said. So I left my purchases on the counter and walked out. Point made. How many people at work read the Sun? It’s there everyday.

Now we may understand what critical thinking means and what it entails but look at what we’re up against. That is the question. It’s an up hill battle. But fight it we must.

This sums it up nicely:

Ashley Reed