5 people die every hour from Sepsis in the UK

·        Deaths from Sepsis in England have risen by over a 3rd in the last 2yrs

·        250,000 deaths from Sepsis every year in the UK

·        25,000 children die from Sepsis every year in the UK

·        5 people die every hour from Sepsis in the UK

The BBC report that revealed these stats failed to try to offer any explanation for this rise but we managed to find some rather interesting data…

·        The Nuffield Trust reports that 40% of NHS consultants and 63% of senior trainee doctors report daily or weekly gaps in hospital medical cover and that 53% of consultants say gaps in hospital medical cover have raised significant patient safety issues.

·        The Royal College of Nursing reported in 2018 that after the Tory government stopped NHS bursaries for student nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and other healthcare staff (in 2016), applications to nursing degree courses plummeted by a third in England.

·        The Health Foundation reports that NHS funding dropped to about 1% under the Tory/LibDem coalition (2010-2015), which was down from about 5% during the 2005-2010 Labour government and about 9% during the 2001-2005 Labour term.

Today we have some additional data to share that might shock a few people…

·        In England, a doctor commits suicide every three weeks.

·        We currently have a shortage of 10,000 medics in this country

Koser Saeed