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In Uganda, like in most African Countries, many people with talents and abilities that can creatively think and innovate items, materials and or equipments that could not only be useful for their abilities but also for the good of humanity, don’t get opportunities to expose and develop them to completion and yield results because of the economic,social,political circumstances that don’t favour such.

With the global advance in science and  technology that has enabled first communication and transport use can be put to such to enable such people have opportunities to develop their talents, creative thinking and or innovations to tangible results.

Therefore the purpose of this project is to contribute to giving an enabling environment to such so that innovations of our people in; technology,science,agriculture,medicine,transport,communication,fine art, arts and many others are developed to the benefit of the developer as well as the world at large.


The project will be in three formats;

                                        FORMAT I -THE EXHIBITIONS.

The innovators and all those that want to show their creative thinking and talents will be provided with free stalls where they will display samples, in process innovations or completed innovations and outputs, theory/principles of their creative thinking and designs.

It is on these stalls that invited guests, who will pay a varying entry fee, will be shown and explained to the works. As well as get seats refreshments and eats in provided tents while in this kind of industrial park show.

At the same time those exhibitors in Fine Art and the general arts will entertain the guests who will come to the exhibition.

This will take a period of 6 days starting at 8:00 AM and closing at 8:00 PM per day. I will be paying £100 per day.

The Guests will be paying entry fee amounts in these categories; £2 for students and children, £5 for adults, £10 and above For voluntary entry fee.

There will be also entry fee in categories of; Bronze,Silver,Gold and Diamond who will pay a £20, £50, £100 and £200 respectively and will be accorded reception accordingly.These categories will also be awarded certificates.

I expect at least 100 guests to turn up each day.


After the exhibition, there will be a workshop where all interested people will be allowed entry after paying a general entry fee of 10 to the workshop.

At least 80- 100 participants are expected to attend daily.

I will be paying £200 per day for hiring the conference/workshop room and other available facilities such as public communication system,chairs and tables,charts and TV/Audio-Video system.

The workshop will be managed by invited volunteers to give discussion on a variety of issues such as;

1.How to promote and utilize talent, creative thinking and innovations in modern world by use of Design thinking; New form of thinking. Redefining valueHumancentered  innovation.

2.How to utilize advancements in technology especially in transport and communication t; kickstart and market innovations as well as all talents.

3.Safeguarding and caring for our environment e.g. by developing and use of non pollutants such as biodegradable bags and packaging materials,use of organic fertilizers in agriculture and minimization and management of factory and human waste.

4. Present economic system of sale and profit/capitalism and its effects on the environment.Workers and employer relationship and how creativity and innovations can help working class people to move to self employment and creating employment for others.Class war and conflicts,causes of wars,poverty and most diseases,disasters and accidents.

5.The internet:

How to utilize the internet for personal and community gain.

How to avoid misuse of the internet and how to be safe while using the internet

Many other issues regarding use of the internet; advantages and disadvantages.


These will before the start of project as well as at the end of the whole project ; explaining the purpose and intentions of the project as well as publiscing it through radio announcements and adverts along with phone in radio talk show(s) and phone in/programmes so as to make the project known to many.Listeners will be enabled time to ask questions and be answered accordingly.Each radio programme will last for 2 hours.

Also short messages(sms) and phone calls will be sent to expected interested participants as well as print announcements on public Announcement Boards.

The cost of each of this format  is £200. Sponsors for the programmes in form of individuals and companies will be called upon where each will be mentioned occasionally during the radio programmes.They will pay a voluntary fee/contribution each.

                  THE BUDGET

No.                 ITEM                          AMOUNT@                                TOTAL

1          EXHIBITION                       £ 100 per day                           £600 for 6 days

2         WORKSHOP ROOM Hire     £200 per day                        £200 for 1 day.

3.       2 Hour  Radio Programme,Radio Announcements,

Short messages and phone calls                                   £200

              Total                                                                                    £1000

From the exhibition and workshops,revenue is expected to be raised which I will use to keep carrying out and maintaining the project.


The project is definitely expected to meet challenges such as:

-Innovators and creative thinkers getting difficulty getting funds to finish their products.

This actually the main intention of the project;the innovators will be explained and guided as to how and where to get funding to finish their products.This include:- approaching funding organisations for such,fundraisings,writting project proposals and submitting them to funders and the Uganda Government ministy ressponsible for innovations and entreprenuership/technology and others ways possible.

-Employers who have been tapping from a big source of cheap unemployed youth will try to sabotage it.This is solved by the experience I have having been leading many workers struggles against employing and ruling class and the class conflict education that has so far been given to the many working class members here as well as already determination the innovators have to put to reality their innovation and understanding of capitalism now many have here which will continue being explained.

-The project is being carried out during the rainy season as we use the industrial park for exhibition.This is solved by use of the available big tents that will accommodate many of the exhibitors.Since the exhibitors will be given free space for their works,those who register for the project lately will be advised to look for tents themselves.

Also  a big shelter and tents and chairs are available for people attending the exhibition and the workshops will be held indoor as well as the radio programme.

The expected number of attendants for the exhibition and workshops may be less than expected much as well as the listeners to the radio programmes.

This is overcome by the intensive publicity of the project through sending individuals short phone messages,phone calling,radio announcements,public noticeboard announcements,leaflets,posting on social media,e-mails,word of mouth and any other form of publicity that may be available.

Any other challenges and obstacles will too be counteracted accordingly.


The innovations and talents will be put to life and realized by those who have them which will benefit them especially in earning income.

This will create employment for those who will be involved in production of products of such innovations as well as sales.

This will improve relationship between our communities and the international community as well.

There will be reduction in the number of insecurities as the same people who are usually involved in causing insecurity and theft are usually the youth who will now most be occupied.

There will be more of individuals understanding of the world we live in and how we can each contribute to changing it positively.


I have perks for you in a variety of categories and everyone that backs this project gets a certificate in addition to the perk. The perk will depend on the amount contributed to the project.

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