I bet he is glad he is stepping down from party politics and entering the world of money being thrown at him.

The Tory method of attacking everyone and saying and doing next to nothing will be Michael Gove’s epitaph after this.

Ten Michael Gove failings:

Education Reforms: As Education Secretary, Gove’s aggressive reform agenda, including changes to the curriculum and exams, was highly controversial. Critics argued that his policies were too radical, often implemented without sufficient consultation, and caused considerable disruption in schools.

National Curriculum: Gove’s overhaul of the national curriculum was criticised for being too prescriptive and narrow. Many educators felt that the changes were rushed and did not adequately reflect the needs of modern students.

Free Schools and Academies: While Gove championed the expansion of free schools and academies, these initiatives faced criticism for lacking oversight and for the financial mismanagement of some academies. Some schools were also accused of not raising educational standards as promised.

Exam Reforms: Gove’s changes to GCSEs and A-levels, which included a move away from modular courses to final exams, were seen as a step backwards by many educators who believed it increased pressure on students and did not accommodate different learning styles.

PR Disaster over School Building Programme: The abrupt cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future programme in 2010, which was aimed at refurbishing or rebuilding schools, was poorly handled and led to legal challenges and widespread criticism from local authorities and schools.

Environmental Policies: As Environment Secretary, Gove faced criticism for his handling of various environmental issues. While he made some strides, such as banning microbeads and advocating for animal welfare, critics argue that his actions were often more symbolic than substantive.

Brexit Campaign: Gove was a prominent figure in the Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum. He faced backlash for misleading claims, such as the assertion that the UK sends £350 million a week to the EU, which could be redirected to the NHS. Post-referendum, the complexities and negative impacts of Brexit further tarnished his reputation.

Leadership Bids: Gove’s attempts to become the Conservative Party leader were marked by controversies. In 2016, he dramatically withdrew his support for Boris Johnson’s leadership bid and launched his own campaign, which was seen as an act of betrayal and damaged his standing within the party. His subsequent leadership bid in 2019 also failed.

Controversial Comments: Gove has been criticised for various controversial comments throughout his career, including insensitive remarks about historical events and figures. These comments have occasionally sparked public and media outrage.

Drug Admission: Gove admitted to using cocaine on several occasions earlier in his career, which led to a public outcry and calls for accountability given his position and past policies on drugs.

Dorset Eye has a plethora of evidence that Michael Gove is a self serving incompetent, which readers can check out for themselves, but here is just one:

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