Austerity March: The morning after the night before

The morning after the night before … now I’ve sobered up (not sure if Suggs has yet) I’ve added an edit to my day. I hope you all read it and I hope it tells you of the love and respect I have for every single one of you. Keep hope in your heart and keep up the fight for social justice and a fair life for all.

With Paul Mason

Lizzie and Paul

With Suggs

Lizzie and Suggs

John Rees

John Rees

With John Mcdonnell

Lizzie and John Mac

There are many fabulous films and pics of yesterday’s anti austerity protest. Every single person that went has a story and we all represent the stories of tens or hundreds of others that couldn’t make it. 

There was so much hope and love in the air that surely the entire world could feel the warmth of our smiles. 

Yet still there is hate all around, this negative and degrading emotion takes humanity from you. 

Don’t let it in ! 
Greet it with a smile and turn it away at the door. 

Switch off the programming! 

I decided to show you my day because so many people are suffering humiliation and despair under this capitalist neoliberal government. 

What we are seeing is an outright theft of community and public wealth to line the pockets of a few . 

Together we will support the people you see in these pics and the many others who operate locally across the country.

We will add to their strength and we will overcome the hate and make the warmongering thieves scurry away to Panama or wherever they’ve hidden their gold pieces they bartered their humanity away for. 

Lizzie’s day.