Both Jurgen Klinsmann and the BBC have been condemned for perpetuating and not challenging the German’s cultural racism whilst assessing the Wales vs Iran game at the Qatar World Cup.

The Iran manager Carlos Quieroz has since condemned Klinsmann
Queiroz tweeted that the remarks “undermine our efforts, sacrifices and skills” and invited him to their camp.

He also called for him to resign from Fifa’s World Cup technical study group.

As the clip below reveals Klinsmann draws a direct parallel between the Iranian tactics and Iranian culture and the BBC panel did not interject. Too fearful or institutionally racist?

I’ll leave it to you.

One thing beyond question is that Klinsmann should apologise for his cultural racism:

“It is not by coincidence, it is part of their culture, how they play.

“They worked the referee. They work the linesman and fourth official, they are constantly in their ear. There were a lot of incidents we didn’t see. This is their culture, they take you off your game.”

And according to Quieroz go one step further:

In a series of tweets on Saturday night, Queiroz wrote: “Even not knowing me personally, you question my character with a typical prejudiced judgment of superiority.

“No matter how much I can respect what you did inside the pitch, those remarks about Iran culture, Iran national team and my players are a disgrace to football.”

He invited Klinsmann to the team’s camp to meet the players and learn about the country and its culture and “listen from our players how much they love and respect football”.

The former Manchester United assistant added: “At the same time, we just want to follow with full attention what will be the decision of Fifa regarding your position as a member of the Qatar 2022 technical study group. Because, obviously, we expect you to resign before you visit our camp.”

The BBC should also apologise and set up in house training on how to be aware of it and deal with it when it occurs.


Douglas James

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