It is no wonder that the hard of thinking supported Boris Johnson. He was just like them.

This revelation by Barry Gardiner is astonishing on the one hand, but unsurprising on the other.

For Boris Johnson and his supporters:

What is a Customs Union?

A customs union is a form of economic integration or trade agreement between two or more countries where the member countries agree to remove all trade barriers, such as tariffs and quotas, between themselves and adopt a common external trade policy. In a customs union:

  1. No Internal Tariffs: Member countries eliminate tariffs and other restrictions on trade in goods and services among themselves. This means that goods and services can move freely across borders within the customs union, just as they would within a single country.
  2. Common External Tariff: Member countries agree to adopt a common external tariff (CET) or a common trade policy with non-member countries. This means that when it comes to trade with countries outside the customs union, they treat those countries as a single entity in terms of tariffs and trade regulations. This helps prevent members from having different trade policies with third countries.
  3. Coordination of Trade Policies: Member countries typically coordinate their trade policies, including negotiations with other countries, to present a unified front in international trade agreements.
  4. Reduced Border Formalities: Customs unions often lead to reduced border checks and formalities for goods traveling within the union because the members have already agreed on common standards and regulations.

A customs union goes beyond a simple free trade agreement, which eliminates tariffs but does not necessarily establish a common external trade policy. The European Union (EU) is one of the best-known examples of a customs union, as it has a common external tariff and a single market where goods and services can move freely among its member states. However, it’s important to note that customs unions can vary in their level of integration and the extent of their common policies.

Now we all know, including Boris Johnson.

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