Bournemouth’s Arts-based model for change in a University goes viral

In less than two weeks, a report on Bournemouth University‘s arts-based model for change, the Big ReThink has gone viral with more than 2,275 views on the London School of Economics Impact of Social Science blog: Averaging 100 views a day in just under 20 days, the ReThink Project is currently in 14th place of the 20 most read LSE blog posts in past month.

The Project, in part based on Brian Eno’s deck of ‘suggestion’ cards, Oblique Strategies, was combined with the use of ÓMoleskine sketchbooks by academics at Bournemouth’s School of Health & Social Care, Prof Gail Thomas, Dean, to encourage a ground-up change in culture.

Dr Kip Jones, Reader in Performative Social Science/Qualitative Research at BU who led the project, and Becca Edwards, BU Research Development Officer, have written about the keys to the success of writing this and other blog pieces on BU Research blog page: . Jones said, “The Big ReThink Project reminded us that initiative and individual excellence are nurtured in small communities that support independence and autonomy. A centralised vision of the few may produce followers, but not leaders, and certainly not innovators in my experience”.

Pat Thompson, Professor in arts education, creativity and writing research at the University of Nottingham has blogged her own take on the project at:

The LSE blog has also been highlighted on Active Learning in Higher Education and Creatively Teaching: Arts Education as well.

Additional photographs of the ÓMoleskine sketchbooks and an early theatrical improvisation exercise with the School’s leadership team can be viewed at: