‘Christopher Chope considering forming fascist militia the Blue Shirts’

It must be like a scene from The Walking Dead at election time in Christchurch. Nobody with their cerebral cortex attached or who has any sense of irony would vote for Christopher Chope. Where are the rest of the population? The young? The non feeble minded? Perhaps they are so focused on moving away that they have given up the ghost.

Not a day goes passes without some pronouncement or act that defies belief in the 21st century.

Just take a look at some recent excursions in to the ludicrous:

Christchurch Labour Party demand explanation from Christopher Chope

Christopher Chope is at it again

Christopher Chope Blocks Upskirting Legislation

Christopher Chope MP: Lower than vermin

And now this. First he advises victims of knife crime to ‘get fitter’ and then he wants to set up a brigade of ‘blue shirts’ to riot until he gets his way.


I can see the Christchurch Conservative Association now when he falls or is pushed off his perch. ‘Please don’t let the next one be a complete nut job. Just a partial one like the rest of the party’.

Douglas James