Conservative government have known since July about body parts scandal

Healthcare Environment Services Ltd – a private contractor receiving public funds to dispose of medical waste has been found to be allowing HUMAN WASTE (incl amputated body parts and infectious liquids) to build up at 6 sites in ‘huge stockpiles’.

This shocking revelation raises a number of issues:


We only found out this through a LEAKED document.

The government have known about the issue since JULY.

As Jonathan Ashworth points out, why was our parliament, the public and local communities not informed?

(It appears duty of candour doesn’t apply to our politicians)

This is another in a long list of examples

Where #NHS services have been outsourced to private companies.

Corners are cut, mistakes made, patient care is compromised and ultimately patients are put at risk.

for numerous failures in recent years…/what-s-th…/contract-failures-2.html


Healthcare environmental services Ltd – has a £31 million turnover -controls 20% of the HC waste market.

Most recent annual accounts saw it record a gross profit of £15.4m – sales growing by 18% year on year.

So a private company, receiving public NHS funds has failed to carry out its role safely and appropriately. Has potentially put the environment and public health at risk.

HES is run by husband and wife Garry and Alison Pettigrew who have paid themselves almost £1m in dividends over the past two years despite the company losing more than £1.7m.

And the government did not feel a duty to inform the public? Will the company face punishment?

Risk to the environment and public health

The government have stated categorically today there is no risk to public health. I find the very dubious, given the ‘pile ups’ included amputated limbs, infectious liquids and cytotoxic waste. At one site the waste was 5x time above the limit.

The scandal was revealed by the Health services journal:…/exclusive-trusts-al…/7023511.article

Sonia Adesara