Corbyn absolutely walked it today

Corbyn absolutely walked it today. He correctly attacked the Tories on economics. They are RUBBISH at economics. Terrible. But always get a virtual free ride.

Corbyn reminded the Tories that Labour did NOT cause the 2008 financial crash. This was confirmed this week by George Osborne who backed that up, while also reminding every one that the Tories backed every single penny of Labour’s plan back then. In fact, don’t forget that it was Corbyn who saw the issue in advance and was ignored-he correctly spotted the issues in the American sub-prime mortgage market, yet was not listened to. As he wasn’t about not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did, Arpartheid, Iraq X 2, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria x 3 etc etc etc. STOP MOCKING HIM AND START LISTENING TO HIM!!!!

Remember-Labour costed every penny, line for line in the booklet that accompanied the manifesto in June this year. The Tories costed nothing. Labour’s economic plan is based on the German (and elsewhere) National Investment Bank & Regional Investment Bank model, and is backed by over 130 of the world’s top economists, including two Nobel Prize winning ones, former Bank Of England advisers etc. Even the BOE itself and, yes, really!, the IMF!! are saying the investment Labour suggest is needed! So, unless May and the Tories and their supporters think Germany & the top economists around have no idea re economics….Oh, and re borrowing and printing money-the Tories ARE doing this now for businesses via Quantitative Easing-the very thing they criticise Labour’s plan for!!! The Conservatives have also borrowed more money in 7 years than every Labour government in history. COMBINED! Borrowing is not the issue, but borrowing AND implementing austerity and still being in this mess shows how dangerously incompetent the Conservative Party are economically.

When you factor in that we are the slowest growing economy of the ten richest nations, wages have stagnated and receded for an unprecedented length of time, record poverty, record child poverty, record homelessness, food bank usage going from 41,000-odd to over 1.3million!!!, record insecure employment-what is the point of ’employment’ if you have no security and often don’t even know if you are working that day?!, attacks on the young, old and anyone not wealthy, tax cuts for the wealthiest while cutting the benefits of terminally ill people at the same time, being investigated by the UN for breaching the rights of disabled people, scrapping the funds to help disabled people back to work, a housing crisis, NHS funding crisis, billion pound bribes to stay in power, literally the most unequal society financially in Europe-THE TORIES HAVE MISSED EVERY ONE OF THEIR OWN FISCAL TARGETS???!!!….

…and there answer to this? “We are not selling Capitalism correctly”. i.e. We need to do more of what has completely failed and is failing. More failed Neo Liberal Free Market economics! Oh, and BTW, we’re also messing up Brexit negotiations and are alienating ourselves from our biggest trading partners!!! ENOUGH!!!! Yet, turn on your TV, radio or read a newspaper and all you see are attacks on the Labour Party re economics. The Tories continue to get a free ride. Well, not any more. Corbyn called you out on it today, and you can now answer to your extreme, absurd incompetency!


Adam Samuels