Cost of renting a property rising rapidly

The cost of renting a property is out of control and is increasing rapidly causing many families to become homeless as a result as they can’t afford the rent. 

A new analysis by Labour shows that those who rent are paying over £10 Billion a year says the Evening Standard. 

The rent in London is costing families £300 more a month! This figure is increasing rapidly and it needs to stop! We should be able to rent a property for a decent price not these ridiculous prices!

Let’s now have a look at what the Conservatives have to say about this issue: All of us know that this plan that they have, will not change anything. In fact it will no doubt have devastating affects on social housing causing more issues as there is nothing safe, fair or equal about the social housing situation we are currently experiencing. This will then of course cause more renting problems. In our opinion more social housing should be built that is affordable so families and the homeless can have homes that they can afford. This in turn will increase quality which is fairer, safer and will empower residents when something goes wrong.

By doing this it will massively improve both social housing and the renting crisis.

We agree with Jeremy Corbyn about making three year tenancies the norm and capping rent rises to make them in line with inflation as this will dramatically improve our social housing and property renting across the country.

Published by @MAY_A_PAIN on twitter.