Police Cutbacks!

This week, it has been revealed that almost 10,000 police officers have been forced to take second jobs to make ends meet and it has also been revealed that the police are failing the public!

Theresa May and her Conservatives have made that many cut backs that the police force don’t have the funds and are struggling to pay their staff wages that meet their outgoings.

As well as this the cut backs are causing the police to fail the public. 22,000 police officers have been cut so it is impossible for them to keep on top of crimes and has lead to significant rises.

Most crimes and offences are being ignored because they simply can’t keep on top of it all. Crimes such as shoplifting, car crime and criminal damage are amongst the ones that are not being attended to very much as the police force’s time is being used on violent crime and sexual offences as these are on the rise!

For the sake of our country, we need these 22,000 police offers and more back on our streets to cut down all the offences to make us feel safe again! They should also be given their correct wages and investment should be made!

Published by @MAY_A_PAIN on twitter