Dorset County Hospital Autism Breach

It’s been brought to our attention that many parents are struggling with their children to receive a diagnoses for autism.

We have parents on the campaign that are also caught up in this.

We have found out that DCH have breached their 52 week breach and we would like to hear from those who have or still are struggling through this process. According to an article taken from the Dorset Echo: ‘The Trust had four 52 week breaches, all in the service for Autism Spectrum Disorder”,  admitted Chief Executive Patricia Miller, adding: “the service across Dorset is in urgent need of redesign and Dorset CCG is embarking on this work now,” she said. (Just a shame it’s taking the CCG over 5 years to complete this task). This isn’t good enough and something needs to be changed.

Please contact us with your experiences.

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