Dying Man Celebrates NHS

It was Gill Street’s dying wish that his letter of thanks to the team at Dorset County Hospital & about the #NHS be widely shared.

To the many people who knew Gil Streets, I am very sad to announce that he died early this morning. He had thought it was another bad case of ‘flu. His doctor suspected pneumonia and he was taken into Dorchester County Hospital on Thursday 23rd. They diagnosed leukaemia about which there was, sadly, little they could do.

Gil has been a part of Beaminster for many years, a pillar of the community as someone said, hence being a worthy recipient of the Honorary Townsman’s Award. He has touched so many people’s lives in so many ways and was always so willing to help others. Without his insistence and hard work, it’s likely that the Youth Club would not be back on its feet as quickly as it is.

Gil was an honourable man, a decent man right to the end. One of the last things he did was to write an open letter praising the work of the staff in the Intensive Care Unit at Dorchester, which I include here.

He will be dearly missed by many, not least ourselves.

“I am a patient currently being nursed in a comfortable arm chair in the ICU at DCH. I am wired to lots of high tech machines. I came in 48 hours ago to be helped to leave this world.

I am privileged to watch a wonderful team of dedicated young people,some 60 years younger than me,. They came to work today to earn a living – small as it will be – they have been here 12 hours and have not stopped work all day. They have cared for me and many other patients.

About one hour ago they had to prepare for one patient to leave for another ward and a new patient to arrive. They have carefully disconnected very many tubes, wires and pipes. They have carefully cleaned everything and got the room and computers ready for the next patient. Most of them will have stayed over their hours to get the job done. Not one has complained about the extra work at the end of the day. Every one has worked as a great team.

Earlier today they have done their highly skilled work with a smile. They made my wife very welcome and my children and their partners. They are of many nationalities. Dorchester Community Hospital is a great place. The staff are wonderful.

This in not “Casualty TV” this is what they really do.

Forty years ago I was awarded an MBE for what I would consider considerably less than these people do every day.

This maybe the last letter that I will ever write.
Please give it the widest possible publicity.
Both locally and on social media.

Gil Streets MBE
Ex town, district and county councillor.
Honourary townsperson of Beaminster.

Clive Chamberlain