Emily Thornberry Sums Up Theresa May

Just a few months ago, if you’d asked me what I thought of Theresa May, I would have said that – while I disagreed with her politics – I admired her character. I considered her stolid, strong and principled, with a basic sense of decency not always found in front-line politics.

Well what a difference seven weeks make. Since calling the election, she has been well and truly shown up as tetchy and thin-skinned about criticism, weak and unstable under pressure, cowardly when faced with a challenge, and deceitful when it suits her political ends.

But more than anything, I believe she has been exposed as a hypocrite.

She is happy to trade on her faith one minute, then tell blatant lies about Jeremy Corbyn the next. She viciously attacks Diane Abbott over getting her numbers wrong in an interview, then brazenly and repeatedly refuses to offer any costings of her own.

And worst, most sickening of all, she stands outside 10 Downing Street and tells the British public that ‘enough is enough’ on terrorism, then goes back inside to call her Jihadist-funding friends in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and see what business deals she can strike with them next.