Friday 20th September – ALL OUT FOR THE CLIMATE STRIKE!!!

So what are you doing on Friday 20th September in the global Climate Strike? Sadly the TUC can’t call a general strike on the day as it would be smashed to bits by a worker hating regime in Downing Street. You can take action though. 
Led by Greta Thunberg, the youth of the world are invited to walk out from schools and universities to demonstrate against the climate crisis on the 20th September. Locally, students have plans in Dorchester and Weymouth. 
It’s my generation however that made this mess. I’ve been listening to the facts and counter-debate since 1992, yet still have to put up with idiots driving 5 litre engined cars because the engine makes their dicks appear bigger. I have watched the crisis build with my eyes wide open, yet only really now has there been the mass urgency behind changing the status quo. Yes, 27 years after I personally knew we were in this mess. 
I’m on the Climate Trade Union mailing list and can happily report that more than 150 actions are taking place up and down the UK. There will be actions in Weymouth, Dorchester and Portland on the day – the Dorchester one is still being fixed up and I can’t give times beyond ‘lunchtime’. I’d dearly hope those organisers respond to this blog by telling everyone where they can get out and protest.


Visit this page to report what you plan to do and let’s get the national numbers up for what people are doing.

I’m a freelance – I CAN take time off and show my solidarity.
The image above has been made by my web host at Swan Developments and will be the only page on my site for 24 hours from 0:00 on the 20th.

Freelancers live under the common misconception that we can’t go on strike. Yes we bloody can! If like me you’re under the screw with deadlines then take time off and set a few hours aside to catch up over the weekend. If your deadline is ‘Friday at 17:00’ then the client won’t read it until 09:00 Monday at the very earliest.

Media outlets – shut down for 2 hours and display why

Yes, – you know what to do! Put up a page like my own saying that you are on strike and that you stand in solidarity with all those who support urgent climate action. I don’t mean at midnight – unless you have the balls to shut down for 24 hours! – but at a moment where there is usually high traffic across your site. 
My union the NUJ sent out a circular to all members. It said at core, “The NUJ supported a motion passed at Britain’s TUC Congress on Tuesday committing the trade union movement to providing support and solidarity and encouraging trade union members to get involved. “Congress agreed to fight against climate change to help protect the planet for future generations, and to stand up for the workers whose jobs are at risk.
The TUC and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions are fully committed to the international Just Transition statement.”


That means unless you’re from a right wing climate hating shit rag like the Mail or Express, get out and support it. If you’re a journalist, don’t report ‘civil unrest’ but ‘mass protests for climate action’.

Lunchtime – a great time to walk out without having to wildcat it!

Personally I’d like schools, Jobcentres, council workers and everyone else working for somebody else to declare a wildcat strike and get out on the streets. As a fellow Trades Unionist I would gladly support everyone who walks out and support every strike, legal or illegal as it happened. 
Not everyone can do that. My union again: “The NUJ is backing the 30-minute workday campaign action, which will kick off a week of action from 20-27 September called by the International Trade Union Confederation.” That means you can spend your legally mandated break time supporting the cause. Other unions like the PCS and Unison have signed up to the same deal. 
Who cares if you’re a union sister/brother? Get out there!I
I was giving advice to a well worn lefty friend the other day in the pub. I explained to him that a group that has sprung up recently that makes him feel uncomfortable are still people who have ‘woken up’. As long as we are pulling in the right direction we don’t have to be in each others’ pockets. Everyone who is awake to the crisis should find time to support the protests taking place across Dorset and the UK. The more of us who shout about it the more ears that will twitch and awaken others. This isn’t a Labour, TUC or even militant student strike – this is about the nation standing up to its rulers and demanding action not ‘by 2050’ or whatever long-grass deadline they set but NOW. Who cares about your politics – get out there and support the cause!!!
See you at the barricades!
Rich Shrubb