From Poznan to ‘Fascist Poznan’ the Brexit party show how low they will go

Anything Polish football fans and the Nazi party can do the Brexit party can do. Wow! Never thought I would find myself writing those words. They spend years denigrating the Poles and now they are copying them whilst adopting one of the many techniques borrowed from the Nazi’s. We all know about the social division and bullying and hate fuelled rhetoric but this is a new kid on the block for the Farage mob.

And as we can see it is not the first time that a team has come from no where funded by very rich people. Both Manchester City and the Nazis have that in common too.

Relatively recently it was Man City fans who abused Polish supporters and then weeks later aped them.

But if we go back further to where many (but by no means all) Brexit supporters would feel safest when the Nazi Party deputies turn their backs on the speaker in the Berlin Reichstag in 1926. Joseph Goebbels can be seen writing on the bench of the person sitting behind him.

Now it is Nigel Farage’s neo liberal puppets who want to break from the EU and sell everything off to the US and China….

Here they come and if you look closely they have even brought their goblin mascot with them dressed in Tory blue.

And to do it they have adopted pranks like xenophobia, racism, homophobia, faux patriotism… and turning backs whilst an anthem is played in a body they were democratically voted in to and are paid by.

I want out of the EU too but not in to the hands of these duplicitous vagabonds. I want one in which humanity, nature and the environment are at the vanguard of all policy not neo liberal get rich quick schemes.

Surreal UK is at it again.

Douglas James