George Osborne fails to apologise for economic cruelty and absolute incompetence

‘We were left a mess (debt) by the government you supported but obviously not to your satisfaction’. This is George Oliver Gideon Osborne’s response to the catalogue of death and misery he imposed upon the most vulnerable whilst he was Chancellor.

The debt that in Opposition he voted for. The debt that he cleared up so well it doubled. The debt that lead to cutting income tax for the richest. The debt that has lead to at least 120,000 dead people and rising daily. The debt that lead people to vote in a referendum for something they cannot even begin to understand. The debt that is crippling the planet and is of absolutely no responsibility of the vast majority of people it is being imposed upon.

The debt of crony capitalism.

Thanks George. If we have anyone to write about history in the future hopefully they will do it justice.

Douglas James