Because of the amazing success of Dorset Eye the costs of hosting, managing and updating the site have escalated significantly. Dorset Eye has a unique model of empowering the public. Without the funds to meet this hosting payment we will struggle to continue in the longer term.


It has now been 7 years and 5 months since Dorset Eye initially launched. June 1st 2012. A completely new approach to the media. Citizen lead, independent alternative media in which everyone, no matter their background, is invited to contribute. Turning the traditional model of the top down distribution of information on its head Dorset Eye seeks to embrace the idea that everyone is worthy.

From the point of registration on the site the public become the citizen journalists. Class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age… are no longer barriers to being published. Anyone and (nearly) everything is now invited.

Our hope has always been that the Dorset Eye model would be adopted by others and that eventually a serious alternative to the mostly corporate owned regional media would exist across the country. At this time though we remain the only Eye with this format.

It is our intention to become entirely advertisement free however, as a consequence we would have had to depend upon a wholly voluntaristic approach. There is only so far any model can go with this philosophy and therefore we are now having to adopt a different perspective.

Since May 2018 Dorset Eye has taken on a new site format and a much more ambitious strategy. We now aim to expand and become a full time independent alternative media. Our focus is to become a direct alternative to the corporate driven model of local and national media in which the principles of traditional journalism are freed up from editorial and owner control.

For us to do this though we will need the support of our readers and contributors. If everyone committed to as little as £5 a month we would would be able to make Dorset Eye a long term sustainable media that could grow exponentially and significantly shape the future of the media.

Here then is when we ask YOU to support us and give as generously as you can and commit to at least an annual payment to enable Dorset Eye to plan long term.

In advance THANK YOU.


The DE Team