Great Diversionary Tactic Theresa

Putin, Putin, Putin, Russia, Russia, Russia, Stalin, Stalin, Stalin………… have been very naughty. They have and I quote sought to “weaponise information” by planting fake news and “photo-shopped images” in an attempt to “sow discord in the West and undermine our institutions”.

Sow discord in the west? Why bother when Murdoch, Dacre, Desmond, Evans etc are paying or paid millions here at home to do just that. Does Putin consider these malignant tumours in our democracy not malignant enough? I doubt it. Given that the Sun, Mail, Express, Telegraph and many others spread fake news faster than I can sneeze it would seem a rather silly waste of energy for Putin to have a go as well.

The domestically diseased minds are more than capable of pointing at a bush whilst the heist goes on behind us. Millions are peering in at an ‘interesting symmetry in that leaf’ whilst being robbed blind. 

Last week our distinguished PM spent an evening celebrating Paul Dacre’s  25 years as Daily Mail editor. Cannot think why. Well apart from it being a meeting place for tired old turds to share their next big plan to smear all of us but other than that. Perhaps it was there that the ‘Putin Plan’ was hatched although I suspect it goes back further than last Wednesday evening. Although given the shambles of this government it was probably constructed whilst rolling around in the rasberry souffle.

The economy has tanked. Westminster has become more slimy than a slug during mating. All the money required to fund our public services has amazingly turned up in mostly exotic locations. Brexit resembles a children’s party in which all the attendees are on angel dust and the power struggle ‘behind the scenes’ in the Tory party is like the 1970’s Jimmy Savile speed dating.

Dragging Putin in must therefore be a diversionary tactic. Naught Mr Putin.

Douglas James