Hernia Mesh Use. A Need For A Broader Database?

Should new draft legislation around the use of mesh in women regarding incontinence or prolapse and a new guidance on a national registry meaning every woman choosing mesh in the future must be logged on a database be extended?
Looking at this as a guide to the living I would argue a look into a broader database is in need.
A cause of death as recorded on a death certificate can be a list of contributing reasons for that death. What defines the beginnings of those reasons and if there was a starting trigger as such leading to those reasons is open to question.
In the case of a Coroner’s Court you are at a loss when it comes to legal representation with what merits legal aid. Advice on how to approach an inquest and the scope of that inquest into looking into contributing factors regards a death has limits.
In my case with an inquest into my father’s death, the court had a legal representative in the room from the hospital where my father after an operation had passed away. The questioning in the hearing after the judge to the surgeon involved in my fathers operation was by myself and mother. This is observed by a legal representative from the hospital as mentioned, where I and my mother had no such support. Another factor is the loss of local papers and as such journalists do not now attend Coroner’s Court inquests only on where it is known a public interest is to be had. As what may become a valid public interest story can be missed.
Direct members of the family are tied to confidentially laws when it comes to autopsy reports I believe. If it is not covered in the court by the local press things that are said in public at the hearing go unreported where after as a direct member of the family you are restricted in reporting yourself. Clarity in what can and cannot be said with regards to a Coroner’s Court inquest would be very much easier if you were informed.  Any legal eagle with knowledge of what can be made public with an autopsy report regards a family member holding that information would be welcome. Looking through the Google info and official sites I am none the wiser.
My father known to many in Wimborne as Roy Wheeler after an operation in November 2017 and after 10 days in critical care passed away. Cause of death included with other contributing factors “surgical removal of Enterocutaneous Fistulae with Mesh Infection”. This was mesh part of an earlier operation to reconstruct a previous hernia.
Mesh and its use with regards to its use in hernia operations and then becoming a complication leading to an operation in part with other factors is in need of a national record also. A record of involving recorded deaths where mesh is mentioned on a death certificate seen as a whole across the UK is needed. That in turn being then in depth given scrutiny as to extent of mesh being a major or minor but part of is in need.
Haydn Wheeler