How dare they. How bloody dare they

How dare they. How bloody dare they… try and blame those that came to rescue.

How bloody dare they… look for a scapegoat for those that died in Grenfell Tower!

Stay put was good advice, yes it bloody was… in the way Grenfell was originally designed! But those disgusting local government officials who sanctioned cosmetic changes made everything that happened in a major fire a game changer! That “Stay Put” advice was right, but now defunct! Brave men and women. Caring men and women. Family men and women, and this inquiry wants to demonise them!

How dare you bloody media.

How dare you Government flunky’s.

If your not careful you will have highly trained individuals from the emergency services and military being blamed for doing their jobs (during the troubles in NI)… on your streets, confronting your disgraceful judgments.

So be careful, and hang your head in shame before you go too far! Be very careful….

Leave our genuine, selfless hero’s alone….

Pursue them and you will have a problem like you have never seen before!

You’re now on notice!

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