Esther McVey and her fellow MP husband bought an apartment near the Houses of Parliament. They now rent that out and keep the dosh. Meanwhile, they rent another apartment, also near the House of Lords, and guess who pays their rent? Yes, we do. She’s dedicated to cutting (her own) spending and increasing ours.

When the government made her minister for common sense, it was not our common sense she was concerned with.

This is McVey’s common sense:

  1. Universal Credit Rollout: McVey’s role in overseeing the rollout of Universal Credit, a major welfare reform initiative, sparked significant controversy. Critics argued that the implementation of Universal Credit led to delays in payments, increased poverty rates, and exacerbated financial hardships for claimants. McVey faced accusations of dismissing concerns about these issues and failing to acknowledge the real-life consequences of the policy.
  2. Misleading Parliament: McVey came under fire for allegedly misleading Parliament regarding the impact of welfare reforms. In one instance, she was criticised for stating that the National Audit Office (NAO) report on Universal Credit was based on outdated information, despite the NAO’s clarification that it had used the most current data available. This led to accusations of dishonesty and undermined trust in her ability to provide accurate information to lawmakers and the public.

3. Controversial Statements on Poverty: McVey’s comments on poverty and welfare recipients have been a source of controversy. She faced backlash for suggesting that the rise in food bank usage was due to more people knowing about their existence, rather than indicating an increase in poverty. Such remarks were widely criticised as out of touch and lacking empathy towards those experiencing financial hardship, further deepening divisions over her welfare policies.

4. Gender Pay Gap Comments: McVey’s comments on the gender pay gap sparked outrage among feminists and equality campaigners. She faced criticism for downplaying the significance of the gender pay gap, suggesting that it was not necessarily a result of discrimination but rather due to women making different choices in the workplace. This drew condemnation for overlooking systemic inequalities and dismissing the structural barriers that contribute to gender disparities in pay and opportunities.

5. Brexit Stance and Party Divisions: McVey’s staunch support for Brexit aligned her with the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party. However, her uncompromising stance on Brexit contributed to internal divisions within the party and wider political fractures. As Brexit negotiations unfolded, McVey’s alignment with hardline Brexit positions exacerbated tensions within her party and fueled debates over the direction of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

These controversies not only underscore the contentious nature of McVey’s policies and statements but also highlight broader debates surrounding welfare, gender equality, and Britain’s place in the world post-Brexit.

And as for her husband, Phillip Davies:

Suella Braverman claimed £25,000 in second home allowance while living rent free with mum and dad. Esther McVey and Philip Davies claimed £250,000 in second home allowance despite owning a flat just a mile away. And the Tories want to confiscate rough sleeper’s tents.

From this, we can ascertain that there is NO such thing as common sense, only those who tell us there is. Theirs!

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