‘If you do not wish to be likened to a Fascist, do not act like a Fascist’

We cannot know beforehand, every twist and turn of histories tangled path, for the record of our days like Time itself is linear, and, stretching out before us into the vast infinity of a colossal and largely unknown Cosmos, we mere mortals have but a short time to plot its path. What was done last year may be undone the next, what we did in good probity a mere decade ago, is often as not proven foolish hubris by the fates which control all our lives. We may know the ending we seek to achieve but the natural challenges we must overcome along the way are given to us by the Gods, and these things mortal man cannot change.

But make no mistake; hiding our heads in the sand is the worst of all possible actions; our lives may be linear but courage is three dimensional. We may view the past with pusillanimous bigotry and laud our ancestry with great virtues as we trundle down an ever darkening path, hiding our faces from the collective shame of our ‘Now’ and thus, by this cowardice condemn our children to suffer once again the Dystopian nightmare rise of Fascism; or we can re-examine our History with courage in our hearts, with determined steel in our minds, and audaciously challenge our present as we plot a brighter future in golden fields.

Britain’s finest hour  might well have been during the Second World War, but let us not fool ourselves into thinking the path that Churchill took us down was one which was universally welcomed by the people of this Nation, or indeed by his own Party.

Most Conservatives had heavily backed Neville Chamberlain as he struggled to appease Hitler’s burgeoning ambition. Some in this Nation actively supported Fascism and lauded it about as though it were a virtue. People and Politicians from the right bought into this evil ideology hook line and sinker. They even formed a political party, which is barely mentioned in these revisionist days, and certainly it is never spoken of to our children in their classrooms. These brutish people paraded through our streets dressed in the odious black of their foreign demagogues, ‘sieg heil-ing’ their way across our metropolises with an arrogance that only Fascists seem to have, all the while pissing on everything democracy stands for. And it was not a flash in the pan minority. Oh no. This darkening storm was hailed by The Daily Mail’s owner [and others in fleet street] as ‘the wave of the future’ and Hitler was even called an admirable man in parliament… History loves ‘Hubris’ and for those who rode this wave of bigotry it proved rather ‘a stormy sea’.

Never let these Toff’s, so ashamed of their past, tell you we were golden. Never let them tell you that we should focus our eyes solely on our great resistance from 1939 to 1945, for that is not the true history of these lands. Many well educated men and women stood for the Fascists pre 1939, and far, far too many lords, ladies, and politicians who should have known better – had a glowing opinion of The Nazi’s.

But those were strange days. Germany’s economic boom under Hitler was thought a miracle, and the movers and shakers of this world; those giants of finance, politics, and industry; gathering around the world and remembering the great crash of 1929; bought into the Fascist Ideology and its underpinning of Eugenics thinking they had at last found the solution to mankind’s tumultuous history – not realising that instead – they had found its root cause.

And here we stand once again, on the threshold of darkness. And once again the Mass Media of our modern times are routinely editing, censoring, and lying about what is really happening as they spin you a yarn about ‘Good Old Blighty’ all the while waving our Flag.

The people who control our daily news are villains, all of them. All of them are Cowards – all of them. They sit behind their little desks looking into the camera or writing their bile for their daily rags, too frightened to show you ‘The People’ what is really happening in our world. They hide behind motto’s of ‘impartiality’ and ‘good taste’ as though these aphorisms will protect us from the vicissitudes of their masters evil intent, and why? Because each and every one of them is a gutless, spineless, coward; so frightened that they will lose their job if they dare speak the truth to you. What a wretched thing it is to be ‘a slave’.

And all this has happened before. Nothing is new, absolutely ‘nothing’.

Joseph Goebbels once said of the truth – “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

This is the reality of our days – not the fiction they tell you on the BBC. This is the morass of perfidy that our politicians are swimming in. Right now as you read this they are brutalising sections of our society just as they did in 1932 -1945, and now as then – they have started off small. Picking on the weak, the vulnerable, the least represented in our society, the infirm, the old, the disabled. Already across Europe these swine are packing old people off to die in the east, already in this country they are targeting the infirm, already they are killing people they just have not got round to gas chambers yet. And already the mass media is sitting silently on its hands and [with few exceptions] collaborating with the true enemies of this land, the ‘fascists’ of the right.

These Fascists call themselves ‘Conservatives’ but they really are not such creatures, those died out in the 60s. What remains now are the adherents of a dark mythology, the acolytes of a ghoulish shade who set in motion the destruction of British Society. Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee both left us a Legacy, an inheritance to be proud of; one of Courage and Compassion. But these clerics of The Iron Lady, with a heart of flint who loved only Gold, have betrayed the legacy of those two great men all the while pursuing their false Gods of Money and Mammon.

These Vermin really are Cowards. They fear the loss of their privileges, they fear the loss of their power, they fear the loss of their dominion over all of us, they fear Social Justice, Equality, Liberty, Democracy, and all the things that the common man desires.

Nothing is new…

Back in the early thirties these same types had grown to over half a million strong and they had a chant.

“Scum of Aldgate

All Yiddish Boys

Up and Down White Chapel

With their Hebrew Noise.

They are the Dregs my friend

That brought Old England Shame

But they can’t beat the Boys of the B.U.F. (British Union of Fascists)

That made Old England’s Name”.

They used to parade about shouting this odious rhyme with the intention to intimidate; and if that failed they resorted regularly to outright violence, they imagined themselves The Master Race! But ‘Hubris’ is a brutal master.

One fine glorious day – the people rose up and stood fast against them. This really was one of Britain’s ‘finest hours’, and despite what you may have heard, or what you think you know about ‘The Battle of Cable Street’, the truth is this. The Government and The Police sided with the Fascists. Obeying the orders of their masters, 6000 police, including the whole mounted division, baton charged a quarter of a million anti-Fascist protesters  ordinary men and women who had rallied to oppose these vile scum, forcing them to finally abandon their march.

And these are things which are never mentioned on our news broadcasts, in our classrooms, in our parliament, because these truths don’t fit in with the agenda of those who rules us. No; instead of anti-government protesters fighting to aid the disabled, the poor, the students, fighting for decency and a civilised society, they put Nigel Farage with minimal fucking support on the Telly to voice his thinly veiled fascist shite in a pathetic attempt to make the Tory Party seem measured and just. But they are not and never have been.

One would pray that this sort of bigotry and hate was in the past but it is not. There are many examples of this type of ‘conservative’ thinking, but I will give you only two further such examples to show you just how far they ‘have not’ come.

This from a 1960’s widely distributed Conservative leaflet – which said ‘If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Liberal or Labour’. And then this contemporary – right up to date quote from Charles Moore: former editor The Daily Telegraph and now a leading Telegraph Conservative commentator [educated at Eton and Cambridge so he should know better?] – “Thatcher is only reviled in parts of the country which are less important”.

Decades apart – but the same old rhetoric.

Nothing is new…

Once again Mainstream Fascism is on the rise, and once again they are using the Media to misinform, obfuscate the truth, deny the facts, bamboozle the public. They will pretend ‘outrage’ at being called Nazi’s – they will express disgust at people calling their ‘Saint Margaret’ a Criminal, but here’s the thing. ‘If you do not wish to be likened to a Fascist, do not act like a Fascist’.

All of us, good decent ordinary men and women, must rally together and oppose these Fascists who purport to be Neo-Conservatives, but are really Blackshirts dressed in a Saville Row Suit. And while they blindly follow the Teachings of their beloved Prophets such as Milton Friedman and Margaret Thatcher remember the men and women who fought in World War 2. Remember the lads who stormed the beaches in Sicily, Anzio, Normandy. Remember the women who worked tirelessly in the factories to resupply the armed forces. Remember the lads who flew countless missions over Germany in Bombers who knew the chances of survival were slim. Remember the fallen. But most of all remember the survivors. Remember that when this country emerged from that terrible conflict we were utterly spent, financially bankrupt, and yet still the people voted for Clement Attlee and the welfare state, the NHS, and the forming of a brighter society as they stood basking in the golden fields of victory.

And what is more they achieved their dream. Collectively, the people of this nation brought into being the greatest advancement in civilisation that history has ever recorded. And all this was brought into being despite all the challenges and hardships we had to go through; the claims of ‘no money’ – the demands of the right wing to curb spending and cut aid and abandon this new idea of a welfare state, and that after all ladies and gentlemen, is what it is all about. That is what this life is about, that is the secret to our lives isn’t it…? I mean to say – “what use is this life if not to battle and make anew once again, those things which should bind us all; a desire for social justice, for love, for compassion, for family, and our children’s veiled future?”

Conservatism is cowardice and our forefathers who knew firsthand what hell was, chose to be better than that…

Good luck.

Kanjin Tor