If you live in or visit Bridport please have your say on pedestrianising part of South Street


The prospect of pedestrianizing the Bucky Doo end of South Street is taking a step forward this month. Bridport Town Council have drawn up a short consultation document, allowing everyone to give their view on a three month trial closure.

The Green Party among others have been pushing for pedestrianisation for ages; now is the time to demonstrate that the majority of people favour the idea. In particular young people who don’t yet get to vote have an equal chance to take part in this. Every student and pupil at Colfox and even the primary schools could participate. 

Your voice is as important, and arguably more important than the older generations since you could be living in this town a lot longer.

Bridport is rarely called a backwater but on the question of domination by motor traffic that’s what it is. With more and more awareness of the harm caused by vehicle pollutants it is time to change course.

Some businesses in South Street are worried about such a change but the fact is their customers visit them despite the through traffic, not because of it. 

Let’s take the chance to have more walking, cycling and simply enjoying the civilised nature of pedestrianised areas. These are all good for peoples’ physical and mental health, and for the health of our planet. 

The consultation is available on line at  bridport-tc.gov.uk/south-street-consultation/ or in hard copy from the Library, the Tourist Information Centre and Mountfield and runs until the end of September. Please get one (just one!) complete it and send it in promptly.

Cazza Dennett