Not everyone feels the same as you; Ask them what’s on their mind”

These are the poignant lyrics written by Dorset Mind’s ambassador Calvin Glen for the chorus of his BRAND NEW Christmas single.

Resonating even more so perhaps due to Calvin’s age – he is just 15. As someone who has had mental health issues himself, Calvin wanted to highlight that behind the festive celebrations of Christmas, some people are experiencing tough times mentally.

The single has been recorded with several local artists, including another Dorset Mind ambassador, Stacey Mumford. The result is simply stunning, and conveys Calvin’s message perfectly. This single will also appear on an album along with 7 additional original tracks.  

On top of this, Calvin has organised a two-day event to launch his single.  It starts at 7pm on 2nd December at the Winton Liberal Club with the first public performance of the single.  Live music will follow from prolific local bands such as Matt Black, Brothers Grimmer, Chris Payn, Subwave Network, Rich Baxter, Pyro, Jax Hall and Nicole McNally, Calvin’s band-mate.

The celebrations on 3rdDecember sees a further twelve hours of live music running alongside a Christmas Bazaar from 12 noon.  There will be games, raffles, face-painting – plus an appearance by Santa himself!

Chris Price, Dorset Mind’s CEO, says “We are so deeply proud of Calvin.  What he has achieved in staging this event is simply incredible.  There are over 30 acts who have kindly donated their time for free and Winton Liberal Club has also waived the non-membership and venue fees.  We also must thank Matt Black, of Hangover Hill Studios who has helped Calvin record the Christmas single.”

“Please do come to the single launch and Christmas Bazaar.  Help support this incredibly talented, enthusiastic young man, who’s energy and passion about music and mental health is simply infectious.”

Dr Andrew Mayers, Bournemouth University psychologist and Patron for Dorset Mind says “The need for young people’s mental health services has never been greater. Over the last few years there have been sweeping cuts to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). We aim to complement some of the existing CAMHS services, but also reach areas that they cannot.

“Even if those services were as extensive as they ought to be, generally only the most severely ill are likely to be referred to CAMHS. That leaves many more vulnerable young people, with perhaps less severe, but nonetheless troubling, difficulties without support.”

“Another problem is the cut-off point from CAMHS to adult mental health services at 18 years of age. Many mental health problems develop in late teenage. Young people have barely had time to adjust to coping with diagnoses before going into an adult system that is perhaps not best suited for them. We believe that there should be a service that caters for young people until the age of 25.”

“Calvin’s extraordinary efforts will the funds that will help us achieve some of those goals.”

All profits will go to Dorset Mind, helping to establish Youth Services for people aged 14-25, of which Calvin is so passionate about.

The single and album will be available to buy on iTunes

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