Jeremy Corbyn becomes most successful post 2nd World War Opposition leader

Jeremy Corbyn is now the most successful opposition leader, ever, post WW2, at inflicting defeats on the government. Jeremy is on his third CONservative Prime Minister. At the last General Election he increased Labour’s vote share more than any other leader of any party since Attlee in 1945. With quite literally no mainstream media support. This “Useless, incompetent, unelectable fool” who, impossibly, is apparently also a “Dangerous, calculated, focussed manipulator” is currently skilfully exposing the myth of Boris Johnson for what it is. We can see just why the team surrounding Johnson do everything & anything to keep him away from debates & scrutiny. Because he is genuinely, objectively, truly awful. Incompetent is too kind a label.

Of course, as happened in the six weeks leading up to the 2017 General Election, when Jeremy Corbyn is *ACTUALLY* HEARD, UNEDITED, UNSPUN, IN HIS OWN *ACTUAL* WORDS, people realise WHY we support him. He is doing this having reached out honestly & openly with no ego at all, putting the U.K. first, to parties & people who constantly slag him off. Because he *actually* cares about us all far more than himself. You don’t have to like that it’s true, but it is undeniably true. What’s more, when you have openly hostile Corbyn critics saying the following, it does make you think “Corbyn hasn’t changed, but we’re glad you’re now waking up”:

”A strategic genius?” The BBC’s Nick Robinson

“Corbyn is playing an absolute blinder!” James O’Brien

Adam Samuels

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