Jeremy Corbyn: FINALLY Someone We Can Trust!

JEREMY CORBYN: For the first time in my life, I am able to proudly support someone who is the real deal. Someone I trust and agree with on so many things. Never have I had the opportunity to support a UK-wide political leader who actually walks it as they talks it. Who is the opposite of the media-trained-to-the-nth-degree empty sloganeering politician. Who is not a war-mongering, power craving elitist. Who is not obsessed with image, but rather with people and policies. A leader whose expenses totalled £8.95 V tens of thousands of £ for some in the same period!!

A leader whose tax return showed he paid TOO much tax, and who honoured his word by giving his pay rise to charity. A leader who pays for some of his team out of his own pocket. A leader who has been on the correct side of history on every single major military call since he became an MP. A leader who won the Gandhi peace prize, yet is NOT a pacifist; merely force as a LAST, not first resort. A leader who saw the financial crash coming, even down to the specifics, but was ignored, and offers an alternative economic model backed by former Bank of England advisers & Nobel Prize winning economists.

A leader who will save the NHS from the full privatisation that both the Conservative and UKIP leaders want. A leader who, literally, stands shoulder to shoulder with our magnificent public sector workers. A leader who wants to close the inequality gap ASAP, allow workers more rights and input, who wants to protect pensions as a priority. A leader who will build the social housing so desperately needed. A leader who would stop the Tories’ obsession with educational inequality.

A leader who is hated by the media, elites and those politicians who want you to believe more of the same is the only option. How lucky I am/we are to, FINALLY, have the option of voting for someone like this. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not let this unique opportunity go to waste. Back the person who is very much ‘one of us’. Back the most honest, compassionate, passionate, reasoned leader I have ever seen. Thank you Jeremy for standing, and thank you for not giving in to the abuse/bullying/lies and character assassinations. I am him, and he is me, and you, and your family, and your friends.

TOGETHER we can rid ourselves of these evil Tories.


Adam Samuels