Fish Finger For North Dorset

So, a guy in Westmoreland calling himself MR FISH FINGER  is going up against Tim Farron at the forthcoming election.

Under the banner of…… ‘who would you trust more’?

At last, a REAL alternative! Brilliant, love it.

All done, including his ample deposit, with crowd funding apparently.

Is there a Mr. DONER KEBAB out there to really represent the views, best interests and wishes of the Dorset voters?

Someone who is NOT good at phoney smiles, opening fetes and shaking hands with the local great and the good. Someone who says that they sympathise with local issues but does nothing. Someone who DOESN’T totally follow the party line at all times and who DOESN’T have blind allegiance only to the corrupt Crown.

I’m voting DONER for sure, won’t you? You’ll get more intelligence loyalty, sincerity and brains for sure. The bonus? If you don’t like what DONER is doing, feed him to your dog!

James Pulleine