Lost My Job Yesterday

5 years of hard work and learning at college and uni, just to encounter nothing but instability. Been there 3 months under a 6 month probationary. Apparently as part of my 3 month review my probationary period was ended. I thought I was doing OK never had a any firm words or calls into the office, no indications through feed back saying I wasn’t performing, always on time never had time off sick. 

I asked why, why had I not been told anything was wrong, or not up to standard if there were concerns. The answer I got was they weren’t happy with the way the bosses son had to stay behind to get work out. Work I had completed and sent for approval that morning, only to sit on someone’s desk all day while they laughed and joked around, while I had a mountain of work to clear before I could leave myself. I don’t get paid if I stay behind on Friday, let alone overtime, when I want to be at home with my family. Lucky to even get a thank you as you walk out the door. Perhaps the bosses son would not have had to stay behind if he got on with his work instead of entertaining his mates. Yet it seems the common practice to blame an innocent person, to justify his own lack of responsibility. 

Luckily managed to find another job starting tomorrow, not in the industry I studied so hard for, but at least I have something for now. 

Just don’t know what to do next I feel so down and disheartened by how I was treated. It didn’t matter how hard I fought my corner, they’re minds were made up before I walked in, no questions, no fair process just an arrogant attitude of ungratefulness and authoritarian approach. 

Really had enough.

Mark Peat