Murdering Democracy With Lies

Remember this?

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And this?

It is called democracy. When candidates are voted for and some win and some don’t. In this case Mr Jeremy Corbyn won and four other candidates did not. Simple isn’t it? Well not when the unsuccessful candidates are sore and find democracy an uncomfortable obstacle to their own pretensions.

And then to exacerbate the plutocracy their friends join in. At a time when the government is turning the country into a billionaire car boot sale they attack their own leader with spurious accusations with little or no evidence. Like archaeologists and with the corporate media egging them on they dig up a bone and scream ‘dinosaur’ when in fact it was a fish bone buried by the cat the day before yesterday. The public run around talking about dinosaurs whilst another group coughs politely and with a mostly gentle ‘excuse me’ holds up the fish bone apologetically and tries to explain the difference. Most of the public meander on with tales of Jurassic parks oblivious to the almighty con they are enduring. This is democracy in 2018.

Of course it is not dinosaur or fish bones. It is scurrilous and deceitful accusations about being anti semitic, IRA, Hamas supporting. All absolute nonsense of course. But even worse is the murder and mayhem that those who distract are covering up and are complicit in. As we sell arms to tyrannical regimes with little or no explanation and as thousands of civilians die in the name of trade and profit we are forced to listen as an artificial story is played out.

Friends of one of the most despicable despotic regimes in recent memory lies and procures our consciousness aided and abetted by their billionaire corporate buddies to ridicule and ‘hate’ a person who has sought justice all of his political life. That so many easily succumb merely reflects how sick ours and many other societies have become.

Margaret Hodge! John Mann! Luciana Berger! And many, many more traitors to the Labour Party’s real reason for being are attempting to sabotage it for their own ends and probably others hiding in the shadows. They will keep shouting ‘dinosaur’ until they get their way.

They should be banished to their rightful place in the Treachery Party and if the public still choose to vote for them at least they will know what they really are and will have to contend with their own consciences. No more veils.

The media must be democratised. Facts must be sourced. Lies must be punished. The public consciousness must be set free from the control of powerful interests. As this man states on twitter:

We demand honesty. If those who seek to represent us cannot conform then they should be removed until we are served and not vice versa.

As for the fish bone. We will keep holding it up until the nation’s head stops spinning and faces the way of reality. Just like these rational people.

Douglas James