To begin any conversation on why Russia invaded Ukraine, one must take in all of the following article:

In direct response to Nigel Farage’s claim that Putin has used the expansion of NATO and the EU to fuel the Russian people, this is largely accurate.

The reasons behind Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022 are though complex and multifaceted, involving a mix of historical, political, and strategic considerations (see article above). One significant factor is NATO and EU expansion.

NATO Expansion

  1. Security Concerns: Russia has long expressed concern over NATO’s eastward expansion. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has admitted several Eastern European countries that were once part of the Soviet sphere of influence. Russia perceives this expansion as a direct threat to its national security.
  2. Historical Context: Russian leadership, including Putin, has frequently referenced historical grievances regarding Western encroachment. The presence of NATO forces close to Russian borders is viewed as a strategic encirclement.

EU Expansion

  1. Economic and Political Influence: The EU’s expansion into Eastern Europe is seen as a challenge to Russian influence in what it considers its traditional sphere of influence. Ukraine’s movement towards closer ties with the EU, including the Association Agreement, was particularly contentious for Russia.
  2. Competition for Influence: The EU’s efforts to integrate Eastern European countries economically and politically are viewed by Russia as diminishing its influence in these regions.

Other Contributing Factors

  1. Domestic Politics: Some analysts argue that Putin’s actions were also motivated by domestic considerations. The invasion could serve to rally nationalist sentiment within Russia and distract from internal issues.
  2. Historical and Cultural Claims: Putin has often referred to Ukraine in historical and cultural terms, suggesting a belief that Ukraine is fundamentally part of a greater Russian world. This perspective was evident in his essay on the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians, published in July 2021.
  3. Strategic Objectives: Securing access to the Black Sea, maintaining influence over the region, and preventing Ukraine from joining Western military and economic blocs are seen as strategic imperatives for Russia.

The response from The Conservative and Labour Parties is very telling. Protecting the hegemony of the west and the imperialism of the USA is a box that has to be ticked if one is serious about gaining power and holding onto it. Anyone who goes against it will find that their dominance is temporary.

A must watch:

The laws of probability suggest that Nigel Farage will be right at least once, and on this topic, he may just have nailed it. On every other topic, however, his racist, xenophobic, and nasty opportunism is clear to everyone with their cerebral cortex attached.

The video that sums up Nigel Farage:

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