Quick Quiz,……. are YOU an extremist? If so, they’ll soon be after you.

Yes or No answers please.

1. Do you believe in so called ‘false flag’ events?

2. Do you believe ANY of the following to be corrupt.. Government, Local Councils, Police?

3. Do you think kids being taught how to think, not what to think is acceptable?

4. Do you think it is acceptable to voice questions of the MSM?

5. Do you think the MSM ever lie?

6. Do you believe your Government would do anything against the best interests of the Nation?

7.Do you believe your Local Council and Utility Companies are already swimming in cash and are stealing from you on a grand scale?

8.Do you believe the Government spends your taxes on feeding the Arms Industry to kill innocent civilians?

9. Do you believe the long white trails in the sky are not contrails?

10. Do you consider that the Investigatory Powers Act and the clampdown on the internet is a gross violation of our  rights?

11. Do you ever question the official stories of terror attacks?

12. Do think the NHS and the Nation is being purposely dismantled?

If the answer to ANY of the above is YES, then await the midnight callers from the men in black and it’s off to the camps for you!

James Pulleine