Edward Morello, Lib Dem PPC for West Dorset, was nice enough to pay me a visit today and to ask for my vote. It may have surprised him, but I said yes right away, so we moved on to other subjects. He told me that the incumbent Tory MP for West Dorset, the Rt Hon Scab Loder, only ventures out to see the public with two minders. I laughed and pointed out that the Rt Hon Dickie Drax, the South Dorset MP, only has meetings with constituents at the former nuclear laboratory in Winfrith, where he has protection from the armed Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

Why are our MPs in the rural backwoods of England walking around with protection? They know that their policies harm a sizeable majority and that they aren’t representing their interests. They rule as opposed to represent. Rulers from any party – yellow, blue, green or red – have something to fear where representatives don’t. Look at Jeremy Corbyn, who, despite threats from right wing loons, frequently walks among the crowds with no minder in sight. He’s one of the most approachable MPs in Parliament, and always puts representation first.

How to make representatives unsafe at the ballot box

Under the First Past the Post voting system we have today, large numbers of incumbents can be all but guaranteed their seats. My line manager is in South Wales and is guaranteed a Labour MP. In parts of West Dorset, you could put a blue rosette on a mannequin, and it would get into Parliament. This allows party leaders like Keith Starmer and Slimy Sunak to ignore the people and do what’s good for big business. They lie to us for our votes and do billionaires’ bidding.

A proportional voting system would turn this on its head. If every MP knew they had to work very hard for every vote, from the day they are elected to the day they stand down, then this vote theft wouldn’t happen. If they supported the demolition of the NHS, the destruction of social services, and a whole host of other pro business policies, they would lose their seat. If the party in power knew that every seat they have to be in power is at risk of being lost by MPs who don’t listen to their constituents, then government policy would change. Would we be actively supporting the genocide in Palestine? Would we have a huge Royal Navy and an NHS on its knees? Would we even be outside the EU?

Would the MPs opposing such government policies and hurting their voters in the pocket and in their health feel the need to have armed guards? Not so much as now. Why? They could be out of a job within a couple of years and voters would have that as an option. Frustration wouldn’t build and weak people wouldn’t snap.

So yes, I hate it when representatives feel the need to be protected. But if they represented as opposed to ruled, most wouldn’t need armed thugs at their side.

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