Populist Manslaughter: The case against Sajid Javid

It is so difficult in these times to make a reasoned plea for justice that most will support. We are stood on the precipice of anarchy. Brexit and austerity, have driven tens of millions in the UK and beyond to varying points of anger and frustration. The politics of the 21st century is becoming increasingly sour to the point of having to hold ones nose and have a stomach pump handy whenever we come in to contact with it.

Politicians have made their choices. Some pursue holding off the hordes and trying to appeal to the lowest denominators and others are holding strong to defeat the causes of the misery at the heart of the problem. Whether that is the starving of public institutions of vital finances or the supposed sovereignty restoration argument the country… is divided.

In the former camp are those politicians who see the lowest common denominator as the key to maintaining power. Intellectually devoid of nuance and depth it is about appealing to emotions. The same emotions that have been gluttonous of xenophobic and racist headlines from the gutter corporate media. The Sun, Mail, Express… are the chalice of poison handed around to angry, frustrated people looking for a scapegoat in which to blame for their struggles. Not the real cause but a fake cause that have become constructed folk devils. One of which is Shamima Begum. The consequence? The death of her three week old baby son.

A British baby that could have been removed from its mum and given to foster parents in the UK is left to die in a Syrian camp. Why? Because the Home Secretary of the British state wanted to appeal to those who were obese on xenophobic and racist headlines to retain power. As a result Sajid Javid is guilty of populist manslaughter. He is directly responsible for the death of a child for his (and his Party’s) political ends.

Taking away the boy’s mother’s citizenship on a political whim has now been proved as fatal to an innocent victim. It was not the baby boy who joined ISIS. It was not the baby boy who was denied a proper stab at justice in a UK courtroom. It was not the baby boy who was deemed an enemy of the state. But it was the baby boy who died as a result. And who is one hundred per cent responsible? Sajid Javid.

The problem of course is that if we were actually able to prosecute him we would have every courtroom taken over for decades… seeking criminal prosecutions for the malevolent behaviour of our political class. And therein lies the problem. We have become so used to their immoral ineptitude that many are desensitised to it and worse almost desiring of it.

The referendum released the shadow in to a fuller more substantial form. Racism is now explicit. It is being fed by those who have an agenda and they will not be the ones bang to rights. They will simply sit back and deny responsibility. However, many of us know who the real culprits are and given a chance we would have them in the dock and facing the full thrust of justice.

Sajid Javid and many, many others will be held to account one way or another and history MUST ensure it.

Douglas James